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Summer Self Care Must Haves for 2022!

Queens! Summer is right around the corner and I’m starting to stock up on some new products and some of my OG faves! A big thing for me (and honestly should be for everyone) is SPF. I need it in my sunscreen, lip balms, and everything else! Wrapped up in my favorites is a combo of skincare, beauty and perfumes I love for the summer!


If you don’t know my team and I are Laneige girls all the way! We love all of their products, but recently one of my favorites has been their Water Bank Moisture Cream. In the summertime, I don’t want anything that’s going to feel heavy especially in this Texas heat and that’s why I love this moisturizer! It’s lightweight and the gel consistency is to die for! Definitely a must have in your routine.


This right here is an OG favorite for me! All of us black girls know the biggest pet peeve when it comes to sunscreen is that awful white cast. Thank God a lot of these brands are getting the memo and making truly invisible sunscreen. Supergoop is high quality and guess what? THERE IS NO WHITE CAST. This is always my go to sunscreen and it layers really well under makeup which we love! If you ever want to glow a little more, Supergoop even makes a Glowscreen that not only protects you from the sun but also gives your skin a beautiful dewy radiant finish.


Winnie Harlow said she’s going to give the girls a run for their money! Her new line is so good but my favorite has to be the Isle Balm. It’s a lip balm that has SPF 30 in it to also protect your lips from the harsh beaming sun rays this summer. It has a great consistency and the applicator is something I’ve never seen before! You will love her!


When I tell y’all I looked near and far for this Fenty Perfume and I finally was able to get my hands on it before summer hit! It’s a deep citrusy floral scent that’s perfect for a summer date night. It’s not too heavy on the floral scale which I like. I would say she is the perfume I am mixing with other scents this summer. Definitely worth it!


This body cream smells like Summer or honestly screams TROPICAL vacay! It’s a tropical paradise in a jar and leaves your skin with a beautiful moisturized sheen. This bum bum cream is also lightweight and doesn’t leave your skin feeling sticky or like the cream is going to melt off your body. It’s always a summer go to for me!


Last, but not least we have Maison Margeila’s ‘REPLICA’ perfume line in the scent Bubble Bath. This is a new favorite summer scent perfect for day time! Bubble Bath is a light fresh clean scent with hints of soft florals like jasmine. It smells like your bathroom after the most luxurious bubble bath and I’m here for it! Loved it so much that it was a must have on my honeymoon!

All in all I love these products and they will definitely be in my rotation this summer. What are your summer must-haves? Let me know in the comments below and I might try some of them!


Tanya Marie



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