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Amazon Dupes of 2022

Queens Amazon was on it this year with Dupes to some of your favorite luxe brands! I love how Amazon can really make feeling and looking good affordable for the girls and I want to throw in some of my favorites !

Listen, I love Cult Gaia and all of their stuff. It’s pretty, glam and feminine and just all around fabulous!

The purse I had for Fashion week was a Cult Gaia dupe and I loved it! The rhinestones were pretty and sparkly and you couldn’t tell the difference in real life or the picture! Of course we love the artistry of different pieces but when you need something in a pinch this Amazon dupe is well worth the $50 price tag.


This Dupe was so good it made my 2022 Favorites list! I just love the designs that make these pieces feel cool, spacey and girly. Pearls always add the perfect touch of fem and elegance and I love that for me and YOU!


Y’all listen my Christian Dior necklace cost me a pretty penny and I want nothing more for us to all be fly girls. If I had found this dupe earlier ya girl could’ve prolonged that purchase a little bit! This Dupe is the closest one I’ve found with pretty decent quality. When I say this dupe held up pretty long it was HOLDING ON. Didn’t rust or anything for quite some time! Definitely worth it! Just do it girl, trust me!


Loewe really made a splash this year with some of the coolest and chic frames I’ve seen in a brand in a while! I mean they had all colors, shapes and sizes and it really propelled me into trying new and unique fashion pieces. Although cute, these sunnies are not cheap but through some internet searching and internet friends I found an amazing dupe on one of my fave pairs! The quality and attention to detail is really nice and you can get the look but on a budget and in different colors!


Y’all I saw these and just had to get them! If you know me you know I love a good platform heel because the comfort is unmatched. I love the way the valentino pair looks , it gives bratz passion for fashion and I’m here for it! I wanted to get the same vibe without the price tag and I found these really cute dupes on Amazon! Definitely worth it and will buy again!


This bag is so cute but almost 3 racks and tbh I was shocked! I loved the woven look and the details of the bag but couldn’t bring myself to spend that much money on it. So I saw this dupe floating around and wanted to see if it was worth it and it 100% was. If you love the leather woven bottega bag this is the dupe for you!

I hope you love these dupes as much as I do and feel empowered to look fashionable but on a budget sis! I’ll be on the look out for more this year so stay tuned!

Comment below some of your favorite dupes!


Tanya Marie



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