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My Favorite / Must Have Products of 2022

As we roll into a new year 2023 I wanted to share with you some of my favorite products and brands from last year. There were so many products that went viral on TikTok, but these ones hands down changed the game for me!


Y’all when I say I love this mask I mean it! It softens, brightens and hydrates . One of my favorite things in all my masks and moisturizers that I love is a good water gel feel. It just feels so refreshing and glides onto the skin beautifully. Every time I use this I wake up with plump , soft skin and feeling super hydrated. If you’re a dry girly this is a must for you!


Talk about the soft summer in a bottle! This perfume gives me beachy vibes with hints of floral and a little bit of creaminess. It’s one of my holy grail perfumes that isn’t only good in summer but blends so well with warm sensual scents in the Fall/Winter. If you ever wanted to get into layering scents this is a good base to play with! Did I mention that it comes in body oil form too? It’s just an all around amazing perfume and you need it in your collection! 10/10 recommend


I know what you’re wondering… what is so special about Dyson? Being that I am a person with thick curly hair you can only imagine it takes ages for my hair to dry. Especially after a Wash N Go when I want to be able to do my hair and literally hit the road and the Dyson Hair Dryer makes it easy! With special tech that avoids using extreme heat while still being quick and easy is amazing. It comes with Five attachments for different styling options which makes it such a versatile tool! Whether I’m going curly or straight this blow dryer really does the trick.


Oh the flights I’ve caught this year has really put this 2022 fave on the leader board! When traveling and making content I need something that is light, compact and powerful and this little light does the trick! It has settings for warm and cool light temps as well as brightness levels so you can get the perfect lighting. Selfies were on 100 this year because of this little light. Definitely worth the purchase!


What started off as a cute Tik Tok trend easily made it’s way into one of my favorite purchases! This jacket sculpts you and really gives you that snatched look! I don’t know what magical fabric it is but it does it and does it well. It’s lightweight, breathable and really great to work out in and looks so cute (bonus points for thumb holes)! If you need a jacket that’s easy and cute this is it!


Look, Vivienne WestWood really made an entrance this year and I loved every second of it. From the pearls to the spaces emblems the jewelry was really iconic..and expensive girl! But have no fear I found the perfect dupes on Amazon and never looked back. They’re super cute and definitely give off the same vibe. If you need something to hold you over until you can splurge on that pretty pearl choker look no further!

Well friends that wraps up my 2022 favorites! What are some of your 2022 favorites that you’re carrying with you into 2023? Sound off in the comments!


Tanya Marie



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