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The Perfect Girls Weekend Trip to Miami Itinerary!

Hey Queens! If you don't know this month I took my team on a trip to Miami to celebrate all of our wins as a group! I wanted to do something nice for all of the milestones we've hit and celebrate us! I travel a lot and one thing that's super important for me is to have an itinerary going into a trip. It keeps the trip running smoothly and helps to make the most out of it. I want to help you have an amazing trip as well, so I have listed out my Miami itinerary day by day!


Meet at Airport and Check in 8am - 9am

This trip I flew southwest and bought tickets really early in March. I always try to buy plane tickets as early as possible, so that I’m not spending so much money on flights and accommodations all at once. I love Southwest because of the convenience, being able to pick seats next to each other, and the free checked bags! Tip: Southwest doesn't have assigned seating, so If you don't have priority seating with Southwest I suggest spending the extra $15-$25 extra for Early Bird Check In so that you aren't in boarding group C snd get stuck with awful seating options!

Check In to Fontainebleau Hotel

Fontainebleau is one of my favorite hotels to stay at! It has everything you need all in one place. With several restaurants, a spa, multiple pools and even a nightclub inside, so you don’t have to leave if you really don't want to. The rooms and lobby are absolutely beautiful.

After we checked in and got settled we went and took a look around the hotel and got drinks at one of the hotel bars/restaurants called La Cote and were able to take our drinks to the beach. We relaxed and headed back to the room to get dressed for dinner.

Dinner at Swan Miami

Dinner was at Swan Miami which is about a 15 minute drive from the hotel and has the cutest vibes. It is a place co- owned by Pharelle Williams. We walked into a very green and lush courtyard with tables that had candles on them and a bar off to the side. The weather was nice but we opted for inside due to the Miami heat and wind. We were sitting in an area that had one of the most beautiful bars I’ve ever seen. The place looked like a chic pink cabana with a loungey twist. The food was pretty decent but the drinks were definitely the star of the show! I suggest their Swan drink.

NightCap at Dirty Rabbit

After dinner it was only about 10pm, so we decided to head over to Wynwood and hit up this bar called Dirty Rabbit that the waiter at Swan told us about. It’s an indoor outdoor bar with interesting decor. It's just something you have to see for yourself! It was a chill vibe with bomb DJs and we had drinks and hookah. Around 1130pm-12am Dirty Rabbit gets really busy on a Thursday night as well as all of Wynwood. So, if you want a cool low key situation definitely go before the 12am mark!


Day two was amazing and my team and I agree it was one of the best days of the entire trip! We started the day off with breakfast via room service and a slow morning. Our Youtube editor, Julia, joined us for this day as well!

Day at Arkadia Day Club

Arkadia is the adult only day club pool with their own private cabanas and food. Arkadia is completely separate from the other pools and general amenities at Fontainebleau. It was so nice to have a daybed and drinks and food flowing right next to the pool. The DJ was amazing and the servers and hostesses were nothing, but good energy! I suggest Arkadia as a must when staying at the Fontainebleau. It’s a smaller crowd and just immaculate vibes. We spent our entire day out there from 12pm-6pm.

Listen we were TIRED so we went back to the room and literally just chatted and later that night we ordered room service again and called it a night. Side note Fontainebleau room service has an amazing Rigatoni on their menu. Yum!

Saturday (The Last Full Day)

Y’all Day Three was a doozy! We started the day off with Brunch at Palace!

Palace Drag Brunch

Y’all LET ME TELL YOU ABOUT PALACE! By far one of the most amazing shows ever. Palace hosts a drag brunch where you have unlimited mimosas, food, and a show for $50 a person! The Drag Queens were the star of the show and had so many amazing performances. We danced, ate and drank our little hearts out. Definitely a must in Miami. The Drag brunches take place Friday - Sunday from 11am - 2pm and Monday 12pm-2pm, so make sure to visit this grand place right on south beach and be on time for your reservation, so you get a good table!


VooDoo was an unexpected little pocket of happiness for us during this trip! This bar wasn't anywhere on the itinerary, but it was meant to be that way! If you don’t know all of my team is African and we can never pass up a place with an Afrobeat vibe! What started off as a quick pop in for a drink turned into a 3 hour dance sesh with nothing but Afrobeats, great drinks, and great hookah! It was just surreal to find a place like it right on the south beach strip. Definitely visit if you’re ever in the area.

Sexy Fish

Y’all I'm not even going to lie... I wish I had good things to say about this place because my team and I were so excited to go but let me tell you the tea. The drinks were good, the bartender so nice, the bathrooms cute, the decor beautiful, the vibes were giving club BUT the management -10. They were awful and just flat out rude. So, awful that I wouldn’t even go back no matter how cute it is. You have to catch up on the tea via TikTok because never again.

El Tucan

After our horrendous time at Sexy Fish we went to El Tucan (really where we should’ve been) and let me tell y’all it was so cute and the show they had was amazing! We just popped in for one drink but would definitely return for the full experience next time.

Balan’s Bar and Bistro

We ended the night at Balan’s Bar and Bistro. It’s this cute bistro across the way from Sexy fish and they had amazing hookah and strong drinks! The food was good, the service great and the tunes? Even better because again an Afro beat vibe we can never pass up! 10/10 would definitely recommend!

We ended the night with an amazing Uber driver who basically created a little club up in back of this Uber Black. It was lit!

Sunday (I wanna go homeeeee)

La Cote & The Beach

The last day we spent at the La Cote for breakfast at Fontainebleau and practiced recovery because y’all we had been drinking for at least 13-15 hours the day before. Insane! I know, but hey when in Miami! We ended at the beach which went from beautiful and sunny to a Tsunami right before our eyes. Check the TikTok for proof y’all!

After the beach we packed our bags and headed on back to Dallas. All in all this trip was one of the best I’ve done! Spending time with your people and having a good time is really needed!

Bonus Tips:

Make an itinerary: I can’t stress this enough! It helps you to enjoy a little more and hit all the things you want. Always leave room for free time and do whatever your heart desires but starting with some ground work helps utilize your fun time!

HYDRATE, HYDRATE, HYDRATE: Y’all for every drink you should be drinking water! Miami is hot and the last thing you need is to be passed out somewhere or struggling with a hangover. Okay? Okay.

Book Flights and reservations EARLY: Do it. Don’t wait till the last minute or you will be disappointed. Things book up quickly and you don’t want to be disappointed with prices either.

Take initiative and get that vacation out of the group chat!: My goal with these itineraries is to make it out of the group chat by giving you a foundation and an outline to go off of. Doesn’t have to be word for word but I hope to inspire y’all!

Take the trip Queens it’s worth it!


Tanya Marie



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