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How to Plan a Successful International Bachelorette Trip!

Hey Queens! It’s been 6 months since my bachelorette trip and I’m already ready for another Cabo round! A lot of you have been asking me how I planned such a great Bachelorette trip and to be clear… I had the absolute best maid of honor and bridesmaids that helped me with every aspect. Here I’m going to break down all the amazing things my bride tribe and I did to really make this trip one to remember!

Choosing a location and locking in dates!

I talked about Cabo being my destination for a really long time so it came as no surprise to my friends and bride tribe that this was going to be the destination for my bachelorette trip! I truly believe you have to plant the seed about a trip and what you want to do when it comes to group trips way before you actually start even planning. We then locked in dates about 6 months before the trip to give prep time! Always lock in dates with you group as early as possible.

Sending out invitations and cultivating your list!

I had a list of 16 people I wanted to invite and wanted to make sure I sent them invites ASAP. Within the invite there was a google form link that suggested dates as well. This gave people time to look at schedules and see if they were able to attend. This also ensures that people have enough time to RSVP, so you can start planning on places to stay, activities, cars and just overall plans. I sent out all The invitations were sent in July and I made them in Canva!

Budgeting and logistics

Being that I did not want my friends paying for this trip last minute I made sure to give them ample time to plan and save. This is crucial when planning a bachelorette party that’s International. My maid of honor and a few of my friends who are great planners got on a call together and started planning and putting together a budget and an itinerary. Once budgeting was done we figured out how much it would cost per person for the big things like lodging, a boat (ya girl really wanted a boat lol), and transportation. This is so we could start booking accommodations and if you couldn’t pay upfront we came up with a payment plan for them leading all the way up to the trip. Excel was a huge part of this because making a spreadsheet with all costs helped curate a budget and plan.

Utilizing Google Forms

Google forms really helped curate this trip to fit everyone in some way. We used the forms as a way to gauge what type of activities did people like, any food restrictions or allergies, what were people open to etc. I highly recommend just to make sure everyone is having fun and are on the same page with activities!


Sis I love a good itinerary! About two months out, we sent the itinerary to all guests so everyone knew what we were doing. On my trip we had some fun themes planned for certain nights so within the itinerary I also had a list of clothes and things that needed to be packed for activities so everyone could be prepared accordingly.

Bonus Tips:

Have several points of contact. Having several points of contact or people who know what is going on is super helpful in case the main person can’t make it. For example, my maid of honor couldn’t make it but because she included my other friends someone was able to still be there to coordinate and knew enough to help with the flow of the trip!

Check out my Youtube video to get more in depth of all the things we did!

Besos Queen xo

Tanya Marie



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