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How to Go Viral on TikTok

Hey Queen!

I've only been a content creator for two years and have been fortunate enough to have quite a few videos go viral and figured that I wouldn't gate keep and tell you all the tips and tricks to making your videos go viral so here we go:

The average person scrolling on TikTok has a short attention span and the key is to grab their attention in the first 5 seconds! You want a “Hook” at the beginning of the video to have the viewers watch the whole video, want to learn more about you and evoke emotion out of them! A solid hook is very important!

Your content needs to be easily consumable, so when it comes to the vocabulary that you use on the platform consider speaking at a 5th grade level cause you never know who is gonna come across your content and you want to make sure everyone can understand it! Think of all the educational content that you consume or have seen go viral. It's typically hard to understand concepts broken down to make it easy to understand.

Natural sound is the secret sauce! Think of all the trendy videos that we all listen to or the amount of people who replicate them and recreate them! So, if you have an audio that is catchy and consumable someone is bound to recreate with their own spin on it or similar. I encourage everyone on TikTok to SPEAK to the camera and share your authenticity! Sure those other trends are amazing and fun but the magic is in your VOICE!

If you are listening to a sound that you have heard a few times while scrolling then swipe over to see if the sound has under 100K videos made with that sound. If it does, create something with it because you are most likely at the beginning of a trend. Now i'm not saying if it has more than 100K videos made with that sound and you used it that it won't perform well, but you have a better chance before the 100K mark. Listening to trending sounds and audio is key when you are watching TikTok from a creative standpoint!

Let's be honest it only takes a few times to see a trend done the exact same way before people get bored and start swiping by that sound on app.Take the time to think of a creative way to one up the trend and put your own spin on it! Whether it's different acting or a caption that's more relatable... Bring new elements, new stories, and a new perspective…THAT’S HOW YOU GO VIRAL!

​Bonus Tip: Check your analytics!

Switch your account to a creator account so you can assess what pieces of content your audience is enjoying and engaging with, as well as, what time is a good posting time, what the average watch time is, etc. All of these things are beneficial to the way that you create and interact with the platform.

All of those tips I believe are the keys to making your content go viral on tiktok so go out there and create amazing content! Hopefully these tips are super helpful.

Xo. Tanya Marie ❤️



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