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Parents Weekend Guide : Dallas Edition

Hi Queens!

If you keep up with me on socials then you know I recently had my dad come up to good ol’ Texas! My Mom has been to Dallas a few times but this was my Dad’s first solo trip so I had to show him a good time! A lot of y’all wanted a guide to keep your parents entertained while in Dallas and although it depends on the type of parent you have, I’m going to give you a few good recommendations that are great for everyone.


Neighborhood Crawl

On Saturday we decided to get up and explore some of the great neighborhoods Dallas has to offer! One thing I love about Dallas is each neighborhood has a different vibe and feel and that makes for a fun adventure! Here are some of the places and neighborhoods we hit!

Katy Ice House in Uptown

What can I say about Katy Ice House besides it’s so much fun and such a good time! It’s a beer garden and restaurant with great food and the coolest atmosphere. I love that it has an outdoor area perfect for summer dining. I would totally recommend it and would definitely visit the outdoor beer garden before the air starts to crisp up with Fall right around the corner!

Beto & Sons + Design District Beer Garden

Beto & Sons is a must do while in Dallas! If you have a parent that loves a nice outdoor vibe with fun drinks and Mexican food this is the perfect place. They have this nitrogen margarita topped with fruit pearls and it’s amazing! Beto and Sons is located in the Trinity Groves area which also has a plethora of other food spots and even a really cool Art Park/Beer Garden

HG Supply Co Lower Greenville

I love Lower Greenville area because it’s like one street filled with so many activities and amazing food options. A crowd favorite over here is HG Supply Co.

HG supply is like healthy food but in the best way! They have the cutest rooftop too!

Fedarales Deep Ellum

Deep Ellum is where it’s at! It’s mostly know for clubs, bars and some good brunch spots but Fedarales stands out! When I lived in Chicago I used to go here all the time to do ice shots that you throw at a bell! It’s a fun activity and my dad loved it! They also have good food but we were there for the ice shots!

Terry Black Deep Ellum

You can’t come to Texas and not have BBQ ! We took my dad down to one of our fave spots Terry Black! Terry Black has a brisket to die for and such good sauces. It’s a must go if you have someone who loved BBQ and is looking for some of the best around!

Dallas Comedy Club Deep Ellum

We ended the night with some laughs at Dallas Comedy Club! I would keep up with their site to see what acts they have. This is a great spot to wrap up your night!


Bistro 31 Highland Park

On Sunday we started our day off with Brunch at Bistro 31! If you’ve been following me for a while you know this place has a special place in my heart! The food is great and brunch is literally some of the best. I love Highland Park area on a Sunday Morning. It’s so pretty and such a good way to start the day.

If you know this Highland Park in Dallas then you know they have some huge houses and some nice shopping. So I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to show my Dad around and he loved it! All of our family members always talk about how much space there is in Texas and they love to see it!

Top Golf

Listen I LOVE Top Golf! It’s so much fun and such a great Sunday Funday activity! We got there and did some rounds of golf while having some drinks and my dad loved it. He’s a golfer just like my Husband and they were thrilled. Even if you or your family doesn’t play golf it’s still such a fun activity and I promise by the end you’re going to want to come back!

Tour White Rock Lake

White Rock Lake isn’t talked about enough and it should! It’s so pretty and filled with nature walks and trails! My dad is an outdoor person so taking him on this tour was perfect (again he loves the space in Texas lol) If you ever want to get out the house and enjoy nature this is a great place to do so!


We ended the night at one of my all time favorite places, Haywire! If you haven’t been WHAT ARE YOU DOING SIS? They have some of the best cornbread ever, that’s really the star of the show! Their food is delicious and they have the coolest drinks! My dad got a smoked whiskey and was obsessed with the presentation. It’s a great steak house with great prices that won’t break the bank! So run, don't walk !


Paradiso Bishop Arts

Let me tell y’all about Paradiso! I love their drinks and food and I always have immaculate customer service here. The inside is definitely aesthetically pleasing and it’s a must go for your parent! Bishop Arts is such a cool area and has so many small shops and eateries that are perfect for exploring.

Irving Golf Course

After Paradiso we headed out to Irving to go Golfing! Like I stated before my Dad and Husband love golfing! I like golfing as well but I never really go to an actual course but this y’all was an experience! I loved how easy it was to get a day pass to play the course and rent out our own golf cart. Although renting a golf cart is optional I always suggest it especially in this Texas heat. My dad loved it and I learned I’m actually pretty good at golf! If you have a parent that’s into golf I 100% recommend taking them here!

Kellers Burgers

We ended our day with a good ol’ fashioned burger joint called Kellers Burgers.If you don’t know Kellers is a Dallas Staple that’s been around since the 1950s. They have some of the best one’s in town! I had to make sure my dad tried it before our trip ended or it just wouldn’t be complete! They have 3 locations spread across Dallas so definitely stop by for the amazing burgers!

All in all my Dad had an amazing trip and I am so happy he got to experience Dallas and see how great it is! I hope this guide helps give you an idea of some places to take your family too and get that quality time in! There’s so much to do here and I suggest you explore all the neighborhoods of Dallas and see what this city has to offer!

I would love to know some of your favorite places to eat, drink and have fun at hear in the DFW! Drop them below in the comments!


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