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Black Owned Beauty Products I Love in 2022

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Queens! You guys know if there is one thing I love doing it’s supporting black businesses. Here are 5 black owned businesses to check out because I can’t gate keep these from you let’s be real!

We all know this is a no brainer! I love Riri( Rihanna) as much as I love the brands that she has created and I have yet to come in contact with a product that I didn't love. If I had to pick holy grails from her line they would be the Gloss Bomb Universal Lip Luminizer & Total Cleans’r! The Gloss Bomb leaves your lips looking juicy and plump with the perfect shine you didnt know you needed! The Total Cleans’r is just… perfection honestly! It removes all of your makeup, but doesn’t leave your skin feeling fully stripped and super dry, so you are still clean and moisturized. Who doesn't love that!


Briogeo is founded on being a brand that is clean, natural and effective for curly hair! If you are a curly headed queen, then you know finding products that work and you love but most importantly designed by us for us is HUGE. Our hair journey can seem like a constant battle and after a few years of testing out some of the best in the industry time and time again I give my hair the TLC it needs with their products. Honestly, you can’t go wrong with any of their products, but the Charcoal + Tea Tree Cooling Hydration Scalp Mask is a GAME CHANGER! My curls thanked me so I know you will too!


We love a brand that celebrates Africa and its culture!! As an African woman I always love a product that makes me feel connected to my roots and also makes me look good! 54 thrones has some of the most moisturizing hand cream and body butters out there and I swear by them! The ingredients in their products are ETHICALLY sourced throughout Africa and have you looking like the glowing goddess you deserve to be! If you suffer from dry or flaky skin this stuff will get you right!


When I was younger I was compared to Tracy-Ellis Ross, maybe it’s the skin tone, our bold personality or big hair or big eyes. Who knows! Either way I am flattered! We all know she's rocked her beautiful curls for as long as we remember, but she's created a brand that is specifically for curly, coily, and textured hair and I love that for us! So if you are looking for some new holy grail products you totally should give the Pattern Leave In Conditioner a try!!!


LYS is an amazing beauty brand that has a huge shade offering, which even in this day and age can be hard to come by! They have LYS complexion brushes, blushes, bronzers and more! Their Triple Fix Foundation has 35 shades which is a big deal for us all and did I mention they are a CLEAN Brand. Their blush and highlighter powder are some of my favorites and layer beautifully on the skin– one thing is because of the range there are multiple shades that I love!

I hope that I've convinced you to add some of my favorites to your beauty collection and I will continue to keep these goodies stocked up in my home cause they really are that good! If you have other black-owned beauty brands I need to check out please let me know!

Xoxo Tanya Marie



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