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Favorite Black Owned Brands

Now Queens you know I love to shop but I love shopping and supporting Black Owned Businesses and brands even more! I feel it is important in my everyday life to support businesses that are consistently changing the game and creating names for themselves. From things as little as candles all the way down to shoes, clothing and accessories, here are some of my favorite black owned brands and why you should check them out!


Jackie Aina FORVR Candles

If I don’t love anything I love candles! FORVR Mood has one of my favorite candles and it’s “Cuffing Season”. I’m not big on super sweet smelling candles but I really love the fresh floral smell of this

candle! Definitely a Black Owned brand I recommend.


54 Thrones

Listen, body care has become a new favorite category for me to dip in. I love all things body scrubs, body butters, shower oils, shower gels etc. The list goes on and on! 54 thrones is one of my favorite body butters till date! It's a nice rich shea butter base that keeps your skin hydrated all day and comes in many different scents inspired by Africa. If this is not in your cabinet it should be sis!


Pattern by Tracee Ellis Ross

I’ve been back on my natural hair care journey for a little over two years now and it’s so hard to find good quality products you love and that work for your hair. Pattern’s Styling cream had definitely been a staple in my hair care regimen for a while and I absolutely love it! My curls are hydrated and I love that for me. Some of my other favorite black owned hair care brands are :



This oil really is the holy grail for me! It just locks in the moisture for my curls and gives them a beautiful shine!


TPH by Taraji P Henson

Please don’t even get me started on the wonders that is her Master cleanse targeted scalp wash! My scalp has never felt better. It truly doesn’t leave any product behind.



I love skincare and keeping my skin clear from hyperpigmentation has been something I’ve worked at for a while! Topicals is one of those brands that just gets it. They’re faded serum helps with discoloration and dark spots and even comes in a spray version for your body as well. Along with that they have masks to help restore hydration and even rolled out a new ingrown hair roller. I mean you can’t go wrong with a brand made for us by us.


Fenty Everything

Rhianna knew what she was doing when she decided to launch Fenty. What started out as just makeup has now expanded into so many sectors of Black excellence. Fenty encompasses Beauty,Fashion,Skincare all rolled up. It’s one of my favorite brands not only because it’s black owned but also just simply because it’s so inclusive. The shade ranges, The size ranges and even showing every body type in her fashion shows has really put Fenty at the top of its game. It’s astounding what this brand has accomplished and you definitely should support it!

These are just a few of the brands I love that are Black Owned. I can’t wait to see what other brands step up in this space. Comment Below your favorite Black Owned Brand big or small I’d love to patronize them Queens!


Tanya Marie



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